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Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan studied Fine Art at Camberwell and Leicester. She launched straight into her artistic career, painting mainly in watercolour and oils but also in other media. Since 1993 she has run her own studio and gallery in Fulham, where collectors can buy her work direct.

"I believe the medium of watercolour is so exquisite in itself that painting in watercolour should be about allowing those wonderful characteristics to perform and shine on the white paper stage. The 'appearance, or look' of the watercolour pigments on the paper are therefore more important than what they seek to represent. To that end I encourage the workshop participants to switch their thinking, from using watercolour to paint a subject, to using the subject to paint a watercolour". Hazel


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Course Details

Although not teaching with us in 2012, Hazel has tutored a very successful courses in 2010.


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