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Steve McLoughlin

Steven McLoughlin was born in 1970 and is a self-taught artist. Showing a serious interest in art from the age of 16, Steve initially drew pencil portraits. A flair for fine architectural drawings led Breedon Books to hand Steve his first commission at the age of 19, illustrating a series of street scenes of Old Derby. That eye for detail was also drawing Steve to wildlife subjects and also landscapes.

Steven has been painting professionally for over 10 years and during this time has become experienced in using many different mediums. He spends a lot of time on the coast, walking the North Norfolk and Cornish coastlines as well as the Derbyshire countryside where he lives.

"I am aiming to provide an illusion of space and tranquillity by painting open skies and landscapes. I find pastels and acrylics give me the subtlety and depth I need to achieve this." Steve

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Course Details

Landscape Made Easy, in Oils                        27-29th March 2012

£225 Day Attendance (including lunch)

£510 Residential (full board)

Suitable for all abilities

Derbyshire-based artist, Steve McLoughlin, has a meticulous eye for capturing the beauty and tranquillity of the British countryside.


This three day course introduces students to the techniques and approaches which enable Steve to produce his incredibly peaceful landscapes.

Steve is a patient tutor who takes students through the process of oil painting and covers all aspects, including; brushwork, colour mixing and composition. Tuition will take place in informal workshop sessions by demonstration.

Weather permitting the workshops will be held outside, however, students are asked to bring their own photographs for studio-based work.